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Who should talk with Dr. Robert? Anyone with Relationship or Marriage Problems Anyone with Sexual Problems Those wanting to learn about Relationships and Love Those wanting to learn about Relaxation and Mindfulness Anyone with Problems with Anxiety and or Depression


Much of Dr. Robert’s work is with couples, and when couples attend together they can progress faster. However Dr. Robert does also work with individuals alone on their relationship, on how to develop and maintain a relationship in the future, and also on any psychological concern they have. Therapy is effective whether or not you attend with your partner.


Yes, all consultations are Medicare rebatable.


Some cases only need the first session, most need two, and some need more. It depends on your situation and the amount of progress you can make between sessions. You can call or email Dr. Robert to discuss your situation and understand more about the process beforehand.


In the first session of 2½ hours Dr. Robert will speak with you to understand the dynamics of your relationship or situation. During the session he will start to help you gain further insight and actions you can take to resolve the issues. You can expect Dr. Robert to give you ‘home work’ — to think about, discuss, and do…