Welcome to the website of Dr Robert Maciver and Loving Relationships Counselling Service. Specializing in relationship and marriage counselling and sexual therapy. My focus is on re-establishing and building love and communication within relationships.





    Why talk with Dr Robert  



Dr Robert has had many years working as a family doctor in general practice before embarking on his journey to learn about and teach loving relationships. For 20 years he has worked almost exclusively with individuals and couples exploring what gets in the way of love and finding ways to help people re-estalish the love that they once experienced, or with outhers helping them learn what love is and how to love better. He has found that a build up of resentment based on accumulation of lots of little hurts (or big ones) is very common, and that most people in relationship do not feel that their partner really understands their perspective or concerns.  He works to help couples learn to listen to their partners well and to be able to express their own concerns.



    Who should talk with Dr Robert


Anyone with Relationship or Marriage Problems

Anyone with Sexual Problems

Those wanting to learn about Relationships and Love

Those wanting to learn about Relaxation and Mindfulness

Anyone with Problems with Anxiety and or Depression





Learn Relationship


With Dr Robert you can learn the skills of relationship. Come along and:


  • Learn to Love    
  • Learn to Listen
  • Learn to Care  
  • Learn to Communicate


Learn Mindfulness


Learn to manage your anxieties and depressions with modern ideas from Neuroscience and Mindfulness.


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