Dr Robert is a medical doctor trained in family therapy and relationship and marriage counselling and sex therapy

Dr Robert knows a lot about the mistakes of relationship. About what not to do. And willingly shares this knowledge to help others avoid making these mistakes.


Dr Robert utilizes the techniques of Narrative Therapy and Imago Therapy, Along with the ideas espoused by Darvid Schnarch in his Book Passionate Marriage, and other sources of inspiration.


His primary focus is on LOVE. Where has the love gone and how to get it back. And for those who aren’t sure, learning how to love.  


Usually Couples attend together and  describe their relationship and their difficutlies and what they would like for the relationship.


However Dr Robert is happy to see individuals to work on situations in their mariages and relationships as well as thier lives in general.  This may happen when one partner doesn't want ot attend or when one partner wants to work on themselves.


Dr Robert is friendly and proactive as a therapist. He engages with each person to understand their problems and he actively intervenes in couple’s dynamics and offers insights into dysfunctional and unhelpful patterns

He offers constructive advice and tools for dealing with the difficulties in relationships, communication, marriage and sex lives.

He often invites couples to do activities at home that are designed to improve their relationships.



Dr Robert keeps abreast of new developments.  In particular he  integrates new knowledge in neuroscience and the functioning of the brain with psychology and relationship functioning. And how developing the skills of Mindfulness can improve your wellbeing and ability to handle stresses.



Dr Robert's primary objective is the building of Love in relationships


  • Love
  • Respect
  • Communication.
  • Intimacy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Mindfulness Relaxation


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