Welcome to the website of Dr Robert Maciver and Loving Relationships Counselling Service. Specializing in relationship and marriage counselling and sexual therapy. My focus is on reestablishing and building love and communication within relationships. To help couples remember why they got together and to create what they are looking for together. 


Robert also provides intense individual counselling for those who are wanting to actively work on their psychological concerns.




Marriage and Relationship Problems


Sexual and Intimacy Problems


Communication Breakdown and Problems


Conflict Resolution


Emotional Distress


Anger and Withdrawal  


Criticism and Complaining


Anxiety and Depressioon





We use a variety of approaches that are tailored to your needs and especially using the approaches of PACT by Stan Tatkin and Imago Therapy by Harville Hendrix


Robert also provides intensive therapy for individuals who are actively wanting to work on their personal problems psychologically


Consults are Medicare Rebatable  

August 2018


Dr Robert's wife Jill Sweatman appeared on 60 Minutes discussing the negative effects of video gaming on brain  development and learning in children. I am very proud of her.




Dr Robert was repeating study with Stan tTatkin in PACT whilst Stan was doing one of his rare visits to Melbourne.


And completed 3 years of post graduate training in ISTDP



News January 2016




Dr Robert has moved to lovely new rooms at 97 Marion St Leichardt.. The building is lovely old terrace house, the room is delightful. And parking is much easier.  



PACT Training.


Dr Robert has travelled to USA and Canada to undertak the training by Stan Tatkin in his PACT method for working with couples.  He is now one of a few level 2 PACT Clinicians in Australia.


Have a look for yourself about what he is doing:






Imago Couples Workshop




Presesnted by world experts Peter and Brenda


Presented each year


Wonderful opprtunity to reclaim the love you want in your relationship using the tried and tested techniques of Imago Relationship Therapy


This is not to be missed  for couples who are having marriage problems or those wanting to learn skills to enhace their marriage or relationship.


contact me

or Peter and Brenda at info@relatioships.co.nz or phone +64 9 425 7980







MAR 2011

Harville Hendrix was in Melbourne


Imago Therapy in Australia


Harville Hendrixs, the developer of Imago Therapy is one of the most inspiring and innovative relationship experts in the world. He presented public lectures and conducted  a Workshop for couples in Melbourne


Harville described what he considers to be the FOUR ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS of a successful and loving relationship. And how to improve your relationship or marriage by applying them.


To find about Harville Hendrix

go to:



 Great ideas for relationship problems.

feel free to contact me about these ideas


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